I'm a dreamer

'' She was seeking
the oldest of the rainbows
to be herself and unfraid'' / / INSTAGRAM: @isbb_


My FAVORITE drink here.In Taiwan, bubble tea is a popular drink but I don’t like it so much so I was desperate to find a drink that I could enjoy only in Taiwan. And I found it !"Coco" is a popular shop in Taiwan where you can buy drinks (like a lot of shops in Taiwan). Someday, the teacher bought drinks from Coco for all the students in my class but I wasn’t there so I didn’t get to choose what I wanted. So the teacher just gave me this and I wasn’t sure it would taste good but it’s delicious !It’s taro (purple sweet potato) mixed with milk, some sugar and ice (it can be hot milk, though). It’s SO good. I’m almost addicted and it only cost around 55NT (around 1$).I’ll be so sad to leave Taiwan… I love that drink !

That’s a cool teacher

Tomorrow I’ll make a video for my exchange tumblr…I think I’ll make it in English ( vous-et-moi-en-la-france.tumblr.com )